Lucas Cattle Company

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Fall Open House & Bull Sale

For the last 14 years we have tried our best to provide commercial cattle producers functional bulls to increase their profits. Every year expectations grow higher and we try to change with demand without losing our foundation in which we raise our cattle, and this year is no different. We are proud to off a superior set of Registered Simmental and Simangus yearling bulls that are sure to add longevity, pounds, and consistent calf crops to your cow herds.

Our Mission

moosLucas Cattle Company strives to bring cattlemen across the nation the finest Simmental genetics available. Located in the Ozarks of Missouri, our cattle are raised in a real world atmosphere on fescue.

Since the inception of Lucas Cattle Company we have grown to 2,000 head of Simmental cows. We strive to breed Simmental and Foundation Simmental cattle that not only offer structural soundness but other necessary assets such as udder quality, fertility, calving ease, longevity, growth, docility, and carcass traits. With a strict culling strategy we have been able to breed some of the finest high performing Simmental genetics America has to offer.

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Lucas Cattle Company